How to Work with Words

“The word ‘word’ means sound with meaning” Guru Singh  In the world of the internet, we communicate through the written and spoken word. This is true not just through the internet, but in the internet world of leadership and heart centred transformative leadership, the words you use to talk to your people are the tool... Continue Reading →

Big Ideas, Little Boxes

Everyone I have ever talked to that is in a position of leadership, or is building a platform has a HUGE IDEA that is driving their work.  Like, change the whole fucking world on a molecular level style huge. It’s super inspiring.  It also presents a serious challenge.  How do you fit a HUGE IDEA... Continue Reading →

Connection Over Perfection 

Which is more important when you are a leader?  That you create a connection with your people, or that you are perfect? It’s a serious question.  Perfection, on the surface, appears to be a good thing. Who doesn’t want to be perfect? Except when you strive for perfection and only step out once you’ve achieved... Continue Reading →

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