Big Ideas, Little Boxes

Everyone I have ever talked to that is in a position of leadership, or is building a platform has a HUGE IDEA that is driving their work.  Like, change the whole fucking world on a molecular level style huge. It’s super inspiring.  It also presents a serious challenge.  How do you fit a HUGE IDEA... Continue Reading →

Connection Over Perfection 

Which is more important when you are a leader?  That you create a connection with your people, or that you are perfect? It’s a serious question.  Perfection, on the surface, appears to be a good thing. Who doesn’t want to be perfect? Except when you strive for perfection and only step out once you’ve achieved... Continue Reading →

Finding the Energy to Write 

Writing takes energy.  In fact, writing takes A LOT of energy.  Amiright? It honestly doesn’t matter what you’re writing - you could be writing a book, posts for your social media, copy for your business - it really doesn’t matter. When you’re not skilled at writing, and drilling down into your message to find the... Continue Reading →

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