Resistance is what Growth feels like​

Resistance feels like shit.  It feels heavy and dark and sad. It feels like all the things you want to run away from. It feels crammed with shit and at the same time devoid of any meaning. It is paradoxically cacophonous and eerily silent. It’s utterly suffocating.  Sometimes it manifests as writer's block. Sometimes it... Continue Reading →

How to Start Writing

Dear beloved Writer, I know it’s hard to find time to write in a busy life.  There are so many “important” things competing for your attention that the ideas you have in your head seem petty and small and unimportant in comparison.  I know. I’ve been there.  The thing is, these ideas won’t leave you... Continue Reading →

Write what LIGHTS YOU UP

It’s the beginning of a new cycle.  There will be resolutions made and broken.  That’s not what this is about.  What lights you up?  What sets your soul on fire?  That is the work you need to do. That is what is calling to you from the ether, the great beyond.  I have become really... Continue Reading →

New Year – Be You

Christmas had ended.  New Years hasn’t arrived.  What day is it? What time is it? What am I supposed to be wearing? Am I supposed to be anywhere?  Maybe I need to eat a vegetable… There is this magical timeless vortex that happens between the chaos of the holidays, and the reset of the New... Continue Reading →

Published is Better Than Perfect

Perfection paralysis is a thing.  So many people that I talk to are waiting until they have enough time, energy, or inspiration before they start their passion project. I have heard this about books people want to write, hobbies people want to cultivate, fitness routines, meditation practice, eating better….. you name it. The list goes... Continue Reading →

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